Worker confidence rising marginally

A new report indicates that sentiment among workers nationwide may be increasing.

The Employee Confidence Index from human resources organization Randstad rose 0.8 points in the month of October to 45.6. This means that compared to the previous month, slightly fewer workers believe the economy is getting weaker and that the availability of jobs is on the rise.

Joanie Rug, senior vice president and chief employment analyst of Randstad, said that confidence is still low historically, but the marginal increase is a positive sign.

"Worker confidence in the economy and in the job market continues its sluggish climb back to higher levels this month," said Ruge. "While we anticipate modest growth for the remainder of this year, we are optimistic that we will see healthier hiring activity in 2012 — albeit slow-moving."

The survey also revealed how secure respondents were with their employment situation. Sixty-eight percent said it was unlikely they would lose their jobs within the next 12 months, down 1 percent from the previous month.

With economic sentiment up slightly among workers, they can help ensure they're confident in their credit score by reviewing their financial history on occasion and being watchful of improper notations that may unfairly lower their scores.