Concord Premier targets your credit score

Reaching your credit goals may require more than just disputing your credit reports. Our most comprehensive level of service affords additional benefits specifically designed to modify, monitor, and protect your credit rating, giving you more ways to take on your credit situation.

/ month thereafter
/ at day 5-15
  • Credit bureau challenges
  • Free support
  • No hidden fees
  • Cancel anytime
  • Goodwill interventions
  • Escalated info requests
  • Debt validation
  • TransUnion Credit Monitoring
  • Monthly score analysis
  • ReportWatch™
  • InquiryAssist™
  • Identity Theft Insurance*

TransUnion Credit Monitoring

TransUnion Credit Monitoring provides you with daily credit monitoring alerts, along with in-depth, personalized coaching about how your credit score may have been impacted and how smart consumers may want to respond. Whenever we detect changes within your credit reports which may positively or negatively impact your credit scores, Credit Monitoring alerts are quickly dispatched via email, SMS Text message, and posted to your Lexington Law account.
Included with: Concord Premier

Monthly credit score improvement analysis

Each month, we evaluate your credit report in accordance with the five main factors known to significantly impact credit scoring. A highly customized multi-page analysis is then provided, including targeted tips which may help you raise your credit scores.
Included with: Concord Premier


Whenever we detect changes within your credit reports which may positively or negatively impact your credit scores, ReportWatch™ alerts are quickly dispatched via email. We also provide tips, when applicable, regarding how to make the best use of this crucial data.
Included with: Concord Premier


Questionable inquiries almost always impact a credit score negatively, and InquiryAssist™ was designed to address that problem. Firm-prepared letters, customized for each questionable inquiry you designate, are provided.
Included with: Concord Premier

Identity Theft Insurance*

To help protect the credit you're investing in, a $25,000 identity theft insurance policy is provided at no additional cost to you. This plan affords on-call identity fraud specialists for your peace of mind. (Identity Theft Insurance is not available in New York.)
Included with: Concord Premier (Available with all service levels)

Credit Repair Service Levels

No matter how bad your credit may seem, we offer multiple levels of service designed to help you take action on your credit. Select a service level to learn more:
“ I have seen dramatic improvements in my credit rating. I was able to benefit from these changes by refinancing my home, and receive a excellent interest rate. I could not have done this without the services of your company... I have now achieved my desired goal. Thank you. ”

Brian, Lexington client*
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