Concord Standard adds targeted interventions

While the Lexington Regular service focuses solely on disputing questionable items with the credit bureaus, our Concord Standard service adds several interventions which are targeted directly at your creditors. This allows us to help you approach your credit issues on multiple fronts, and increases the likelihood of accelerated results.

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  • Goodwill interventions
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Since additional methods are brought to bear, Concord clients may see progress sooner than the regular service. However, it is important to remember that a law firm cannot promise a particular result or promise results within a certain timeframe since every case and credit report is different. Concord Standard adds the following interventions:

Goodwill interventions

Recommended for mild late-pay accounts that are questionable, this non-confrontational intervention leverages your fiscal relationship with your creditor in an effort to positively impact the record and reporting of your credit.
Included with: Concord Standard | Concord Premier

Escalated info requests

Recommended for seriously late accounts that are questionable, this creditor intervention requests either documentation of an account's compliance with various consumer protection statutes, or a change to the way it is reported on the client's credit reports.
Included with: Concord Standard | Concord Premier

Debt validation

Recommended for certain charged-off and collections accounts that are questionable, this intervention affirms your Federal Consumer Protection Rights by demanding a complete accounting of the listing or its removal.
Included with: Concord Standard | Concord Premier

Credit Repair Service Levels

No matter how bad your credit may seem, we offer multiple levels of service designed to help you take action on your credit. Select a service level to learn more:
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