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One of the key factors contributing to a bad credit score is the presence of negative items. Even a single 30-day late payment, collection, or charge-off can damage your score. Fortunately, the removal of questionable negative items is an effective way to improve your credit.

Backed by 26+ years of experience helping hundreds of thousands of credit repair clients to improve their credit reports, Lexington Law has developed tools and strategies that have proven to be effective at removing unfair, inaccurate, and unsubstantiated negative items. In 2016 alone, our clients saw 9,000,000 negative items removed from their credit reports.

Our results prove it can be done. From late payments to charge-offs to bankruptcies, our firms clients have improved their credit, by removing practically every type of questionable negative item.

Our clients have improved their credit, by removing practically every type of questionable negative item.

  • Can your negative items be removed?
    Absolutely, so long as you have the grounds to request their removal. You have the right to question any credit information you feel to be inaccurate, unverifiable, misleading, untimely, unclear, ambiguous, or incomplete.

    Further consumer rights also allow you to contact your creditors directly and request (or demand) that damaging information be removed from your reports.
  • What is "accurate?"
    Accurate is 100% free from error, and is in no way unclear, ambiguous, untimely, incomplete, or misleading. In short, accurate is fair.

    The black-and-white nature of a credit listing doesn’t always tell a fair story. Courts have ruled that even though some credit listings may be technically accurate, they are not truly accurate based on circumstance.
  • What is "verifiable?"
    Verifiable simply means that credit information can be verified with the source. If a creditor is unwilling, unable, or unavailable to verify that a credit item is accurate and timely, it must be removed.
  • Who decides if your items are questionable?
    You do. You alone can decide whether a credit item should be questioned or not. Only you know whether an item is not only accurate, but fair.

    Our firm does not advise that any consumer, client or not, abuse their right to fair credit by disputing an item in bad faith (knowing it to be 100% accurate and timely.)
  • Can anything be done to remove accurate items?
    If you feel a negative credit item is 100% accurate and timely, you do not have the grounds to question this item with bureaus. Only the passage of time can assure bureau removal.

    However, just because an item cannot be questioned with credit bureaus does not mean it cannot be removed from your credit reports.

    As the originating source of credit report information, your creditors may revise or remove furnished information whenever they see fit. In that regard, you have a number of rights when it comes to dealing with your creditors which can be leveraged to work toward a favorable credit solution.

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