credit repair

Credit repair is the process of addressing the negative items hurting your credit score.

just 1 negative item can decrease your credit score by



since 2004, lexington law specializes in removing items that are:


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how credit repair works in four easy steps

1. Research

the items affecting your credit and determine a course.

2. Challenge

these items with bureaus and creditors.

3. Escalate

certain items that are protected by law for faster removals.

4. Mentor

and teach you the ins and outs of your credit and how you manage it wisely going foward

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can lexington law help me?

Answer these three questions to find out.

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don't wait 7 years

Late Payments and Collections are the most common items we deal with and have the most success removing. On their own they usually don't drop off before 7 years.

don't get denied again

Getting your credit score above a 760 will help you get approved and get the best rates on loans and credit cards. We've helped thousands achieve this.

hard inquiries

Having your credit pulled can negatively affect your score. We have ways to manage that.

free credit consultation

Late Payments, collections and hard inquiries are just a a few of the most common items we deal with but we also specialize in: judgments, charge offs, bankruptcy and liens.

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don't take our word for it

– lisa a

"Lexington Law really stood out on the internet with enough positive reviews that I thought, 'let's give this a shot. I feel like there's hope now because I see these items being removed. "

how long will it take?

the average client uses our services for



Every credit situation is unique but we do everything we can do to make the process faster and more efficient


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A closer look at every aspect of credit

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