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What Is the Difference Between R1 & R9 on a Credit Report?

R1 and R9 are notes left on your credit reports by your creditors. These notes are used to indicate the status of the credit items on your reports.

In this case, the R1 indicates that the account is a revolving account in good standing. R9 indicates a revolving account very poor standing.

R1 and R9 are just two of the many account classifications your creditors can add to your credit reports. Each of these classifications consists of two parts, the account type and the account status.

On your credit reports, "R" refers to a revolving credit account, "I" refers to an individual account and "M" refers to a mortgage account.

These classifications then include a rating supplied by the creditor who reported the item. It is their rating of you as a borrower. There are only two ratings which are not negative. A rating of "1" is good and a rating of "0" means that they don't have enough history with you to rate you.

Every other rating, "2" through "9" is negative. In our experience, creditors don't look at these ratings when you apply for financing. The creditor usually looks at the late pays or other notations such as "charge off" or "collections." However, any rating but a "1" or "0" indicates that you have problems with the account.

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