Additional Questions About Our Costs

Are automatic drafts or credit cards required?

Over the years we have found that many client payments weren’t arriving on time or sometimes not at all. It became so expensive to collect our fees that we began considering significant price increases.

The attorneys decided, instead, to set up all the payments as electronic drafts or credit card drafts. In the final analysis, direct drafts succeeded in reducing late and missed payments and allowed us to continue offering the services of the Lexington Law firms at an extremely affordable price.

In accordance with the Credit Repair Organizations Act, Lexington Law does not charge for services until they are completed.

What If I Cannot Afford Credit Repair?

When you have credit problems, even $89.95 a month can seem like an impossible expense. We understand that many people who have suffered at the hands of the credit reporting system find themselves in a position where extra spending money is hard to come by.

While a credit repair service may seem like an unnecessary luxury, we feel it is imperative for you to understand the potential savings that may be achieved by taking control of your credit score. An improved credit score could end up saving you hundreds of dollars a month. Over the course of a few years, today’s small sacrifice could result in savings of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in mortgage, car loan and credit card payments.

Very few investments have the potential for the amazing returns realized by those who have used Lexington Law’s services to take on their credit score.

That said, if you cannot afford Lexington Law's services today, we don't want you to delay the process of repairing your credit. The first step in repairing your credit reports is knowledge. To help you get a better understanding of your credit, Lexington Law offers a free credit score guide with information on how your credit score in calculated, how to read your credit reports and some simple steps you can take to start working on your credit score.

Finally, if you are unable to afford credit repair service, we would rather you take time to learn more about the credit reporting system and work to repair your credit reports on your own than continue to struggle with bad credit. Repairing your credit reports can sometimes prove to be a time-consuming and frustrating chore, but a good credit score is worth the effort. Plus, you have the option to begin the credit repair process on your own and enlist the help of Lexington Law at a later point in time.

What is an electronic transfer?

An electronic transfer works just like a bank debit card. You provide us authorization to withdraw a specific amount from your checking account on a certain date each month. The withdrawal will show up on your bank statement just like your debit or ATM card.

In setting up an automatic bank draft (often known as an ACH deposit) we require some of the numbers appearing on a regular check. If you are concerned about giving out sensitive information, it should put you at ease to know that you are only disclosing the same information received by anyone to whom you write a check.

The Lexington Law website uses High-grade Encryption on all signup pages to protect your personal information.

Our 256 bit encryption prevents others from being able to view your information as it travels across the network.

When are funds drafted?

A payment is charged 5-15 days after engaging our service for work initially completed. Clients who choose additional service will be charged monthly thereafter for work previously performed. Like a utility bill, because billing is for services already received, you will be charged a final payment.

Each additional month's service that you engage will be billed on the same day of the month as your previous payment. For example, if your payment was drafted on the 20th of the month, any additional monthly payments would be drafted on or about the 20th. The specific day of the month may vary slightly due to weekends, holidays, etc.

The Credit Repair Organizations Act requires that credit repair companies do not charge for services until after they have been completed.

This requirement is in place to protect you against fraudulent credit repair organizations who charge large upfront fees and then do not provide the agreed upon services.

What happens if a payment is dishonored?

Should a payment be returned and/or dishonored by your bank or credit card company, we will redraft the payment and add a $19.95 late fee. We will continue to draft your account during a 30-day period until payment is received. If your payment has not been received after 30 days your case will be suspended until payment arrangements can be made. Should you wish to change a scheduled payment we require that you notify us at least three business days prior to payment. Changing a scheduled payment requires that you notify us at least three business days prior to payment and requires a $9.95 fee.

Service Levels

Our credit repair services levels range from $89.85 to $129.95
Service Level
Concord Premier
Concord Standrd
Best Value
Inquiery Assist
Score Analysis
Report Watch
TU Alerts
Cease & Desist
$100 value for $20 more than Concord Premier
FICO® Tracker
ID Protection
Finance Tools

How much will a negative item hurt my credit score?

According to and CNNMoney, even a single negative on your credit could cost you over 100 points.
Negative item
Score Decrease
Late payment
up to 110 points
Debt settlement
up to 125 points
up to 160 points
up to 240 points
up to 110 points
Hard inquiry
up to 15 points

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