Additional Questions About Our Services

When can I call my case manager?

When you engage Lexington Law, a paralegal team is assigned to your case within one business day or less. Members of this team are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have during the course of your service. You may contact your paralegals by phone from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM M-F, 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM SA, Mountain Time (MT). In addition, you also have the option of communicating with your paralegals by email or live chat.

You will also be able to follow the progress of your case using the Lexington Law client site.

Sign into our secure site to manage the dispute process, get 24 hour access to your case status, and view notes from your paralegal.

Do you need updated credit reports?

Our ability to help you delete questionable negative items is dependent on having up-to-date credit reports. Without copies of your current credit reports we are somewhat limited in what we can do to progress a client's case because we need to know the status of previously disputed items before crafting the next round of disputes.

For example, if we do not know that a questionable negative item has been deleted and we dispute the same item again, it can slow the process and increase the time until you see your desired results. In addition, if in response to a dispute the credit bureaus deny an investigation or request additional information, Lexington Law requires this response in order to craft the next round of disputes.

The credit bureaus may send you more information than just your credit reports.

We ask that you forward all correspondence from the credit bureaus as each item may be useful in handling your individual case.

Clients who are quick to send in their updated credit reports will get the most value out of the service.

The less time we spend waiting for your reports, the faster we can get to work on the credit repair process.

Do I need to pay my bills?

If there are delinquent questionable listings appearing on your credit reports that have not been paid off, the actual debt behind the account remains the same even if the account is deleted from your credit report. You may still owe the same money that you validly owed in the first place subject to your state's applicable statute of limitations. If you don't pay the debt, the creditor or a collection agency may re-report the listing.

Removing a negative listing without addressing the debt is only a temporary solution. In fact, we will only dispute credit listings that you indicate are inaccurate, untimely, misleading, biased, incomplete or unverifiable. If you feel that a negative credit listing is 100% accurate, timely and verifiable, then do not dispute it.

Sometimes a collections agency will report a debt to the credit bureaus that you do not owe.

In these cases, debt validation procedures like those offered in any of our service levels may be necessary to remove the collections from your credit reports.

Do I need to see my credit reports first?

Most people begin researching credit repair after they have been denied credit. Most don't even know what questionable negative listings are appearing on their credit report.

When contacting Lexington Law, you will receive a free credit consultation in which you can learn how to pull a free copy of your credit reports. During this consultation, a Lexington Law representative will also help you analyze your credit history and find out if credit repair is right for you. If at that time you decide you would like to enlist the help of Lexington Law to dispute the questionable negative items in your credit reports, you will be able to sign-up over the phone and immediately get started with the dispute process.

Because of this, even if you have not yet seen your credit reports, we suggest that you contact Lexington Law to receive your free, no-obligation, credit consultation.

How do I get updates on casework?

As we help you work to improve your credit, the credit bureaus will send updated copies of your credit reports directly to your home. So, when you have items removed or improved, you will see them first on your subsequent credit report. Additionally, you are always welcome to call or email your paralegal and request an update of the progress of your case.

As these credit reports arrive, we ask that you forward photocopies of them to us so we can use this new information to continue working your case. Your paralegal team can assist you with this process.

Lexington Law paralegals are available 7 days a week to answer questions about your case.

After signing up with Lexington Law, you will be provided with a phone number and email address you can use to reach your paralegals.

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