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Lexington Law can help you understand your financial strengths and weaknesses. Our free credit repair consultation includes a complete review of your FREE credit report summary and score. Call us today at 1-888-596-4997 to take advantage of our no-obligation offer and recommended solutions.

Lexington Law can help repair your bad credit.

Bad credit is a slippery slope, and the climb back to financial health can prove difficult without the right tools. Although you can do it yourself, the process of credit repair can require time, knowledge of federal consumer laws, and meticulous communication skills and record-keeping. Many people struggle with credit repair simply because they do not understand all of the elements involved. Questions arise, such as:
What factors affect my credit score?
Where can I find a copy of my
   credit report?
Can I investigate or dispute
   negative items on my report?
Is it only about credit bureaus?
I want to get started with my credit
   repair, but who should I contact?
If you are feeling overwhelmed, don't worry: Lexington Law can help. Consumer protection statutes guard against unfair and inaccurate credit reporting, and Lexington Law is ready to use those to your strategic advantage. We offer the best in experience, proven results, and affordability with our credit repair solutions.

20+ years of credit repair experience

At Lexington Law, we pride ourselves on providing expert credit repair service and experienced support. As a consumer advocacy law firm, we have helped over a half-million clients take action on their credit since 1991. Our firm is among the largest network of credit repair professionals in the U.S., employing a growing staff of 24 attorneys and 200+ paralegals/agents across 19 states. We work together to ensure the highest standard of credit repair service.

Proven results

Results don't lie. Our innovative services helped our clients remove over 3,300,000 negative credit items from their credit reports in 2012 alone. Our clients have seen impressive credit report results, with an average of 10.2 items, or 27% of their presenting negatives, removed within 4 months. We recommend that clients remain with the firm for about a year, or as long as they require, in order to fully address all questionable credit report items.
4,833,329 Items removed in 20134,833,329 Items removed in 2013 We have helped our clients
remove millions of questionable
negative items, including:**

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Client Testimonials

“Thank you for your quick response. Just to let you know I am very happy with the work my client advocate has done as well as you. Your company has treated me with the utmost respect. I have been referring your company, because of how you treat people and you can't buy that. Keep it up! :o)”

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1/2 million reasons to trust
the leaders in credit repair

Lexington Law has served over 1/2 million clients
since 1991, taking expert action on their credit that
has led to the removal of millions of questionable
negative items from their credit reports.**

How we count removals

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