Month: October 2013

Visitors and Credit Repair: How to Entertain on a Budget

Hosting houseguests can drudge up a variety of emotions: excitement, anxiousness, and yes, even dread. While you may be looking forward to the arrival of family and/or friends, balancing your credit repair goals against the pressure to entertain isn’t easy. Whether you’re trying to save to reduce your debt, build your savings account, or send your kids to college, don’t let quality time with visitors derail your plans. There are plenty of ways to keep your guests happy without sacrificing credit repair.

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Acxiom Data Now Available to Consumers: Why It Matters to You

Recently, the data brokerage firm Acxiom announced their plan to offer consumers new insight…into themselves. We covered the dos and don’ts of providing your ZIP code to retailers awhile back. Whenever a cashier asks you for your five-digit identifier at checkout, it reveals much more than your geographic location. Your data is sold to Acxiom and hundreds of their competitors to house information about you, including spending habits, marital status, debts, interests, income level, and much more. According to their website,, Acxiom is now offering you a chance to view and even edit your own information, claiming that their new system “brings you answers to questions about the data that fuels marketing and helps ensure you see offers on things that mean the most to you and your family.”

You may be thinking, “If I shouldn’t supply my information to retailers, why should I review it in a data bank?”

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Credit and Security: The Danger of Satisfaction

Despite a high unemployment rate, there are still plenty of workers who have seen the shinier side of the job coin. Congratulations if you are among the lucky few who have enjoyed steady and even gainful opportunities in your career. Security and satisfaction are perks to enjoy, but don’t get too comfortable yet. Maintaining your good fortune requires a healthy dose of common sense. Read on to learn about the common side effects of financial satisfaction—and the dangers they can pose to your credit score.

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Credit Repair and Cheating Landlords—How to Protect Yourself

Many renters have felt the sting of a lazy or negligent landlord, the guy who waits two weeks to change the light bulb in the hallway or fix a leaky faucet. In most cases, this guy can be overlooked with an ounce of annoyance, but when the stakes are higher, a cheating landlord can pose a real threat to your credit score. Be wary of these items when renting your next property. Learning what to avoid will help you keep your finances and your credit in safe territory.

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Credit Repair Savvy: How to Avoid Paying Late Fees

We’ve all been there: Life gets busy, the mail piles up, and oops, you forget to pay a bill or two. It’s not the end of the world. That said, paying a bill late could result in a late fee, something you should avoid if possible. While a late payment won’t hurt your credit score within the first 30 days, a late fee will always hurt your savings account. Why sacrifice your hard-earned cash?

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