What Is a Side Hustle and Why Should You Have One?

side hustle

By Alayna Pehrson – Content Management Specialist at BestCompany.com

Would you like a little extra cash in your wallet every month? Do you have a fun, creative hobby you enjoy after your nine to five day job? Are you in need of an exciting, but flexible change in your life? If so, then you might want to look into starting a side hustle.

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Should You Use Debit or Credit?

debit or credit

You’re at the checkout line and it’s time to pay your regular grocery bill. How do you pay for it? As you thumb through your assortment of cards, you do some mental math: can the bank account subsist after another debit charge? If not, does it make sense to charge it to credit? If you’re being honest with yourself, will you actually be in any better place to pay the grocery bill at the end of the month, or will you incur serious late fees?

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Lexington Law Launches Free New Mobile Credit Repair App

Lexington Law Mobile App

We are excited to announce that Lexington Law has released a brand new, user-friendly mobile app that makes it even easier for clients to track their credit repair journey. The free app is currently available on iOS and will be available on Android starting on August 20th.

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How to Handle a Divorce as a Property Owner

rebuilding credit

Divorce: it is messy, complicated, and so common that it has become part of the cultural norm. Everyone knows someone –– a colleague or a relative, for example –– who has gone through a divorce. However, the frequency of divorce in America does not lessen its effect on the affected parties. It is easy for us to empathize with the emotional toll of divorce. What is perhaps more challenging for us to consider are the financial consequences.

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Why Are There So Many Bankruptcies in Atlanta?

Atlanta, Georgia

How ATL Residents Cope With a Local Economy That is Working Against Them

Atlanta is experiencing record employment numbers, so why is it home to so many bankruptcies?

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 45,872 bankruptcies in Georgia last year (source: BLS).
  • Georgia has the 3rd most bankruptcies in the country — surpassed only by California and Illinois (source: BLS).
  • Almost a quarter of Atlanta residents have filed for bankruptcy (source: Lexington Law).
  • 21 percent of ATL residents are in debt due to medical bills and lacking health coverage (source: Lexington Law).

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