Month: March 2014

Lexington Law Announces First Scholarship Winner

The firm has pledged $50,000 towards a scholarship fund. $5,000 scholarships will be awarded from this fund, twice per year for spring and fall semester. It will be available to United States students in accredited universities or colleges who maintain a good GPA. The award will be presented twice per year and will be based in part upon an essay describing what credit scores mean to the scholarship recipient and how they will use that credit score in the future and how they will maintain a good credit score moving forward.

We’re very pleased to present this scholarship award today. And we’re very pleased to have an opportunity to give back to our communities, to our state, and to our country that has given us an opportunity to do so well in this area of practice. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that I introduce Lexington Law Firm’s first five thousand dollar scholarship recipient so without further ado I’d like to introduce Mr. Ryan Running.

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Cheating Your Budget the Right Way

We all understand the “urge to splurge.” Whether you’ve been working hard on credit repair or simply need a break from aggressive savings, there’s no shame in rewarding yourself. If you plan to cheat your budget, take some time to do it the right way. Consider the following strategies surrounding these common purchases. They will help you reign in spending without reigning in the fun.

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Playing the Stock Market—Should You Take a Chance?

We’ve all heard a stock market success story from a friend or acquaintance. “It was the easiest money I ever made,” they say. “I doubled up just by watching the trends for a few weeks.” This type of story leaves the ambitious feeling anxious. You may think, “Hey, I’m smarter than that guy. Maybe I should invest in the stock market.” While it’s true that you may be your friend’s intellectual superior, your perspective is a little short-sighted. Intelligence plays only one role in a complicated trading system. Consider the following factors before making any decisions, and don’t invest in the stock market unless you:

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What’s Your Credit Risk Tolerance?


We’ve talked about investments and risk tolerance, but what about consumer credit? Too many people jump into debt before considering what their budget can handle. Discover your credit risk tolerance by taking the quiz below. What you learn will help you make better financial decisions.

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What’s Your Pizza Worth? How to Maximize Your Cash

Fast-paced living has become the norm in our society. Work, family, and other responsibilities may have you feeling as though there aren’t enough hours in the day. When free time is a luxury, who cares about saving a few extra dollars, right? Wrong. You’ve heard the phrase “time equals money,” and it’s absolutely true. In a seemingly unrelated article, NPR unveiled the true value of pizza. After visiting 3,678 pizza places around the country, their study revealed:

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