Month: June 2014

Financial Lessons Learned from the World Cup

America was buzzing with World Cup excitement on Thursday as the United States Men’s Team competed against Germany. Sadly, their best efforts weren’t enough. The U.S. lost 1-0, shocked by a long-range goal that would put Germany on top. Fortunately, they still managed to advance to Round 16 after Portugal defeated Ghana 2-1. Despite their fall, the U.S.’s determination has rallied fan support and yielded valuable lessons that extend beyond the soccer field. So, how does the World Cup relate to credit repair, you ask? We all face moments of:

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Surprising Credit Card Balance? What Went Wrong?

It’s a terrifying experience:

You’re living life as usual, happily going about your business and then BOOM: the credit card bill arrives. You open it and are shocked at what you find. Your balance has increased and it’s a lot more than you anticipated.

We’ve all experienced some version of this scenario and the emotional moments that follow. You ask yourself, how did my debt balloon out of control? How will I pay it? What did I miss? These are good questions that often have simple answers. Your credit card debt may have increased if you didn’t:

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What Can Creditors Report About Me?


We’ve been talking about how medical bills can impact your credit. And unfortunately, as we said earlier, when you get sick, your problems aren’t over just because you recover.

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How to “Spoil” Children the Right Way

We’ve talked about the pros and cons of spoiling kids. Many parents and grandparents are guilty of encouraging materialistic traits without realizing it, wanting merely to make their little offspring happy. If you are among those who can’t help themselves, why not spoil your child the right way? Review the tips below to learn some useful and positive strategies. Don’t allow your enthusiasm to end at the toy store.

Useful spoilers include:

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Five Reasons Your Credit Score Isn’t Improving

Like an exercise plan, credit repair is frustrating when you aren’t seeing results.

1. You haven’t learned the Five Factors. You can’t solve a credit score puzzle without understanding the necessary pieces. Learn more about how your credit is graded hereEducation is the first step.

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