Month: August 2014

Why Choose Credit Repair? Four Reasons

All right, you aren’t financially motivated. You’ve taken the “What’s Your Credit Repair Vice?” quiz and have deemed yourself bored with the process. Whether or not you care about saving a buck, credit repair equals more money in the bank, a truth that impacts more than your bottom line. Read on to learn the non-financial reasons to choose credit repair. What you discover will put you on the right path.

Bored with credit repair, eh? Before you give up, did you know it affects:

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Gone Phishing: What to Do After Attempted Identity Theft

Technology has given us a world of commerce and communication. Unfortunately, it’s also given us identity theft. 16.6 million cases were reported in 2012 by consumers ages 16 and up, roughly 7 percent of the group’s population.

I’ve experienced my fair share of identity theft, but a thief called the wrong girl this week when they dialed my number. After answering I was met with an automated voice that stated the following:

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Wedding Woes: Can You Afford to Attend?

Summer is coming to a close, but weddings season is still in full swing. Whether you’ve been invited to witness nuptials or simply take a vacation, don’t allow frugality to stray too far from view. It’s difficult to balance personal and financial obligations, but it’s up to you to maintain stability. Read on to learn how to draw the line between safe and precarious spending.

Weddings can be costly for guests, especially when travel is involved. Consider the following example to learn how one man managed a season of invitations with budgeting in mind.

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FICO Score 9: New Model, New Answers

The Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) is changing their scoring model. After talks with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and lenders, FICO developed the Score 9 model, an initiative aimed at providing consumers with easier access to credit. Review the following questions and answers to learn more about how the change affects you.

What has changed with the FICO Score 9 model?

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The REAL Purpose of a FICO Credit Score


Most people don’t understand what the purpose of a credit score is.

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