Month: October 2014

Five Reasons Your Credit Card Was Declined




Credit card issues can happen to anyone, a fact made clear when President Obama’s credit card was recently declined in New York City. Whether it’s clerical or legitimate, there are a few ways to recognize and combat credit denial in the future. Read on to learn some strategies.

So, why was your credit card declined? It could be because:

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Seven Things a Debt Collector Won’t Tell You

Debt collection is a billion-dollar industry, one that leaves many families struggling with lost wages, harassment and stress. Fortunately, there are federal laws and strategies you can use to evade shady tactics. Familiarize yourself with the following debt collection methods. What you learn will help you avoid making future mistakes and supply you with the confidence to stop the abuse.


Take a closer look at the inner-working of a collection agency. They won’t tell you:

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Restoration Hardware Financing: A Look at Modern Credit


Department store cards can be tricky when credit repair is a factor. Opening too many accounts can lead to score damage, overwhelming debt and a high utilization ratio. That said, every store carries their own terms and conditions. Restoration Hardware is a luxury retailer specializing in high-end furniture and home accessories. They recently made a move to reach a greater customer base by offering financing to those who qualify. As an RH subscriber, I received an email outlining their options a few days ago, and I’ll admit, my first reaction was admiration. Read on to learn the pros and cons of Restoration Hardware financing.

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Creditor Audit: How Safe is Your Information?


Identity theft has taken a new form in the news this month. On October 6, five people were indicted for using customer information from Saks Fifth Avenue to facilitate an identity theft ring, spending nearly $400,000 on store merchandise that was later sold on the black market. Of the five arrested, four were Saks employees. If you shop at the famous retailer, you’re probably wondering about the state of your account’s security. You may also be wondering, “If this happened at Saks, what’s to stop it from happening elsewhere?”

Identity theft is a chronic problem in the United States, one every consumer should be aware of. Protect your credit score by taking the following steps.

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Pay Equity: How to Secure a Fair Wage


Pay inequality isn’t a new topic in the United States, but it is making new waves. During an interview at the Grace Hopper Conference on October 9, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shocked listeners when he said women in technology roles shouldn’t ask for raises. Nadella claimed,

“It’s not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along.” He added, “Women who don’t ask for raises” have a “superpower…because that’s good karma, that’ll come back…that’s the kind of person that I want to trust.”

Although Nadella later apologized for his remarks, the question of pay equity has gained traction in the news. While Nadella’s comments were directed at women, pay inequality in the U.S. isn’t limited to one gender. Male employees who have been passed over for promotions or hired for less than their counterparts understand the frustration of unfair pay. Working for less prevents you from protecting your family, saving for retirement, paying your bills and even working toward credit repair. When justice isn’t on your side, what should you do? Read on to learn some helpful strategies.

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