How to Save Money by Organizing Your Finances the KonMari Way

Just like so many people struggle to keep their houses neat and tidy, many (if not more) struggle to keep their finances organized — let alone healthy. Being disorganized can actually cost you money in addition to stressing you out. Disorganization can lead to late fees, missed payments and overdraft charges which add up over time.

Whether you’re a high-earning executive or an entry-level employee, knowing where your money goes is a big part of managing your finances.

Luckily, you can use many of the same principles to organize your finances as you would in your house. One of the most popular methods of decluttering right now is the KonMari method from organizing consultant Marie Kondo, best known for her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” She encourages people to thoughtfully declutter their homes by category, keeping only what “sparks joy.”

Apart from the occasional treat yourself purchase, most people wouldn’t use the word “joy” to describe their finances, but with a little planning and organization, your air-tight budget and growing savings will spark joy in no time at all. The KonMari method is all about being purposeful and intentional while you declutter, and this can easily translate to your money. It shouldn’t leave you feeling restricted — you should instead feel reinvigorated to achieve your long-term goals.

This infographic walks you through the basics of the KonMari method and how you can apply her teachings to your finances to help you feel less stressed and achieve your goals.

Kon Mari Finances

Marie Kondo makes the bold claim that you’ll “do it once, and never again” when it comes to organizing your house. While it’s still a good idea to do regular check-ups on your budget, building a solid financial plan now makes things much easier down the line. If you’re afraid of your finances or your disorganization is tanking your credit score, give this method a try and you may be surprised by the results. When you let your money reflect your values, you may find that it does truly spark joy instead of worry.


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