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How to Improve Credit in a Single-Income Household

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Millions of U.S. households live on a single income. Whether your family consists of a working spouse and stay-at-home spouse or you are a single parent, living on one paycheck can be a challenge. Limited funds may leave you feeling discouraged about credit repair, but there is good news: everyone can afford to improve their lives with the right strategy. Consider the initiatives below. They will help you focus on credit score improvement, regardless of your income.

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Five Credit Tips You Can Use This Week

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Ever feel like you just can’t get out from under your credit problems? Whether you’re just starting out in your credit journey, have started getting your credit act together, or are even working with a professional credit repair company, there are some things you can do this week to help improve your credit report and score.

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Five Signs You Need Credit Repair


Credit is the key that unlocks doors to educational funding, life’s milestones (i.e., buying a house) and even securing a good job. Put simply, you can’t afford to ignore it. If you are a credit newbie, you may be wondering if credit repair is the next step. While every person has a different path, there are a few telltale signs that your scores could use some work, including:

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Do’s and Don’ts of Paying Off Debt Early


Debt is a negative word in many households, often depicting stress, credit damage and income loss. Many people are anxious to pay off all debts as soon as possible to rid themselves of the risks and emotional side effects. Although too much debt can definitely cause these outcomes, using it as a tool can lead to positive results.

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How Will I Know When Credit Repair is Successful?


Credit repair is a common goal with many benefits: lower interest rates and insurance premiums, the ability to save, borrow and even find employment.

If you have been pursuing creditworthiness, you may wonder, “How will I know when my goals are achieved?” While there is no obvious alert to credit improvement, there are plenty of ways to determine whether your efforts have succeeded. Begin by:

  1. Pulling your credit reports. Inaccurate and negative information can reduce your credit score by hundreds of points. As you and your credit repair team address these issues, deletions should help your score improve. The best way to verify progress is to order free copies of your TransUnion, Experian and Equifax reports. Review each report and highlight errors that are still present, then compare your list to the original. With any luck, you’ll see that negative items have disappeared.
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