You Can’t Escape Your Credit History. But You Can Change its Future


The Beginning:

Our credit histories follow us around wherever we go, and that can lead to some serious problems if you’ve got bad credit.


They brought home the bread. Literally. Before money was even a thing, the Egyptians would earn wages in the form of loaves of bread. Back then, if you ended up owning some serious dough, it wouldn’t be unusual to find yourself working on the latest pyramid.


Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. They say that by the second century AD, about a quarter of the Roman population was reduced to bondage because of debt. Let’s get you straightened out before history repeats itself.


Yankee doodle went to town to take out a loan. Colonial America wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for debtors. The Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Act of 1785 gave authorities the right to flog debtors or even cut off an ear here and there.

Modern Times:

Don’t let your bad credit affect your future.  From ancient Rome, to the modern republic, credit has always been a way for people to get the things they need. But there’s a way to make your history of bad credit a thing of the past. At Lexington Law, we can help repair your credit and get you on the fast track to success.


We’ll make your bad credit history, history.