Lexington Helps Connie Get a House

Transcript from the video

“My husband and I had a couple of late payments, inaccurate late payments in our report. We were trying to get a house and it was really difficult. It was really stressful. We were really worried about our future. We were worried about him finishing school. We were worried about not being able to get a house. It’s sad and it was very, very stressful.

“I told him about Lexington, and I told him I’m very confident in what they can do. ‘Let’s give it a try’. So, we brought our reports and Lexington started working on my husband’s and my credit report. We were able to get a house because Lexington was able to get those negative items deleted. Which was awesome because we really didn’t know exactly how long we needed to wait until we were able to get a house. We got approved so, it’s a relief.

“We feel better. It’s like, we can breathe again and have a house, and not have a high interest rate which is very important for us, as a family. My husband and I are really grateful for all the things Lexington has done for us. It has really changed our lives.

“You really want to get things done in your life, and you’re not able to because of inaccurate information on your credit report. We never thought we could be able to buy a house so soon, and to be able to get loans for his school. It definitely changed our lives, and I know it could change many lives, too. I’m very grateful for the help Lexington has done for my husband and me. And now we have a house, and I’m very happy for that. So, thanks.”